Toms Jet Deck, (JET) is a 2000, AQHA Gelding, standing 15.2 hands.  We are extremely proud of his accomplishments!  2013, was another great year for Jet.  Starting off with the Lynda Ottun memorial barrel race.  We were the hammer on the Lynda Ottun memorial team race with 3 other people.  Our team won the race against 64 other teams.  Our team won beautiful, championship, Cactus saddles.  Jet was also the 2-D outback barrel racing champion saddle winner for 2013.  Jet also ran in several other big races, Miles City Nurta Lix barrel Daze, Bakken barrel Daze in Sidney, and brought home some nice checks.  What a great summer it had been, we are looking forward to 2014.  Jet is a consistent 2-D barrel horse that can jump into the top of the 1-D anytime with a confident rider.  Jet has the same run everytime and does not hit barrels.   Jet has been used on the ranch and has drug calves to the branding fire. Pasture roped on, gathered cattle in the rough country.  Jet is also seasoned in barrels and poles.  In 2009 he won belt buckles and many other prizes and money in the OBRA and SUMMER SIZZLER.  In 2010 he was the winner of the NWBRA Senior Saddle.  In 2011 he was the winner of the OBRA Senior Saddle and the open 2-D Saddle, he was also the reserve champion at the NWBRA Senior Finals.  Jet has never been pushed hard and could easily make a top 1-D barrel horse.  Jet is sound and has never been hurt.  Jet also runs poles and is a 20 second pole horse.  Jet stands well at the trailer, eats and drinks well on the road.  Has no gate issues.  2012 was another great year with limited hauling) Jet, was a champion 2-D Buckle winner at the Dawson County Fair open 4 D race.  Jet was also the 2012 Senior 1-D saddle winner at the Outback Barrel Races this year. 

VK Clabber Tadpole, is a 2004, AQHA, sorrel mare, 15.2 hands.  Tadpole has been used extensively on the ranch;  she has drug calves to the branding pot, used for doctoring yearlings, and tagging calves.  Tadpole is also patterned on the barrels and has been used for breakaway roping and heeling.  Tadpole is an in your pocket type of mare and stands well for farrier, easy to catch.  She is up to date on vaccinations and de-worming. 

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Ima Bay Gourmet, (PJ) is a 2003, APHA, 15.0 hand, dark bay mare.  2013 has been an outstanding summer for PJ, this little mare never seizes to amaze me.  She won several races this past summer again some of the best.  PJ ran the fastest time in Glasgow, MT winning the Dodge Bonus check and the same weekend she came in 4th out of over 100 contestents in  Scobey winning the average buckle between both races.  Plus some awesome checks.  She has also done well at Millers Horse Place at Laurel, Miles City, Forsyth, and Glendive.  PJ finished strong with winning the 1-D saddle from the outback barrel association and also the 1-D senior saddle.  We are very proud of this little mare with a working attitude.  Can't wait to see what 2014 brings us. PJ has been used on the ranch to gather and sort cattle and has been used in the feed lot.  She is quick and catty and can really cut in the alley, very cowy.  She is being seasoned now and in the barrels and poles and she loves it.  She is a solid 2 D horse in the smaller arena and has won several buckles and money rounds.  She could easily go 1 D with an aggressive rider.  She has no gate issues, point and run, makes the same run each time.  She tries 110 % every time, she would make a great college level horse.  PJ hauls great, drinks, and eats on the road with no problems, stands at the trailer with no problems.  She is hobble broke, stands well for farrier and is up to date on vaccinations.  She is a 2011, OBRA open Saddle Winner.  P.J. has done well this year 2012, with limited hauling. She has stepped into  the 2-D  and is really coming on strong.
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Toms Golden Spur
Toms Golden Spur, is a 1995 palomino gelding, AQHA, standing 15 hands.  Spur has been used in all aspects of ranching.  He has been pasture roped on both ends and also been heeled on in the arena.  Spur has been patterned on the barrels and poles.  Spur is hobble broke, stands for the farrier, and is up to date on his vaccinations, and de-worming.  Spur wears a bad scar on his left hind leg from a bad wire cut.  Spur is back to being sound and is being used on the ranch and also heeling in the arena.
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VK Roosters Dee Bar, Dee is a 2006, 14.3 hand mare.  She has had 45 days of team penning, and really enjoys it.  She has been ranch rode and used in the sorting pen.  She has a decent rein, works off the leg cues and has a nice stop.  Dee, has and out standing deposition and is easy to work with.  Dee, has full siblings doing well in heeling, barrels, poles and working cow horse.

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Roosters Ribbon Win (Doc),  (DOC) Is a 2002, 15.2 hand, Palomino Stallion.  Doc has been an outstanding color and disposition producer for us, not to mention the cow he puts into all his foals.  Doc has been used on the ranch when he is not with his mares.  You can take a mare in or out of the pasture and he has no problems with any of it, always a gentleman.  Doc will also hand bred if that's what you prefer. Doc loves his babies and they are always with him.  Doc has been used in the feedlot and is very cow-y.  He is also trained in heading.  Doc is easy to catch, load, trim and is hobble broke.  He is also eligible for breeding APHA.  Doc will crib if kept in small areas.

VK Docs Little Dell, Dell, is a 2009, 15.0 hand, mare. She is just being started now this winter. She has proven to be  easy to handle and get along with. She has a great disposition and is very willing.
She has full siblings that have done well in barrel racing and both ends roping, and breakaway roping. She is bred to be cow-y with a lot of run.  Call for updates as she progresses in her training.

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Daisy D For Me, (Daisy) is a 2007, AQHA, 15.2 hand grey filly.  Performance bred filly!  Very nice working mare.  Does everything that is asked of her.  Ranch work, handles a roap with no problems, drags logs, started on the barrels.  Daisy is loping a nice patern and is ready  to start seasoning.   She would make a great high school rodeo prospect.  Very gentle and well broke.  This is a very classy filly with a great start.  She has been used on the ranch trailing cattle.  She has drug ties, and has been roped on with a breakaway rope, and is really starting to track cattle well.  Daisy side passes and has a nice stop.  She is really starting to get a nice rein.  Daisy will do roll backs on the fence, side passes in and out of gates.  She really tries hard and is very willing.  Daisy is patterned on the barrels and poles.  She is easy to catch, (in your pocket type), loads well, stands for farrier.  Daisy would make a great arena prospect for youth or high school.

Cierras Charming Lucy, (Little Josey) is a APHA 15.2 hand black and white mare.  She has both performance and race breeding.  She is a classy looking mare that has a great disposition.  She is being used on the ranch trailing and penning cattle.  Little Josey is very willing and has been easy to work with.  She is being patterned on the barrels at this time and is doing well.  She has a nice rein, and leg cues.  Little Josey will side pass in and out of gates.  She stands for the farrier, easy to catch, loads well.

VK Docs Midjeta, is a 2006, 15.2 hand, cremellow gelding.  Midjeta has been ridden on the ranch to gather cattle.  He has drug ties and tires and none of those bother him.  Midjeta is now patterned on barrels and poles and will start seasoning him this spring.  He is very quick and caty around the barrels and can really run.  We feel he is going to be a good one, but needs a quite hand and confident rider.  Midjeta will start being hauled to jackpots this spring.  Midjeta is big enough to be a heading horse prospect.
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VK Incoming Cash
VK Incoming Cash, (Income) is a 2004, 16.1 hand gelding.  Income has been used on the ranch and is patterned on the barrels.  Income was hauled a little the fall of 2013 and has begun his seasoning.  He is just slow loping and is running 3-D times.  Income tries hard and has nice turns and can really stretch out running home.  Income is ready to be pushed to the next level.  We will continue to season him in the spring of 2014.  Income would make a nice barrel horse for high school or college.  He is easy to shoe, walks into arena, easy to run, no issues, and easy to haul.  He eats and drinks well on the road.  Income has full siblinsg that are doing well in both heading and barrels.

VK Docs Midjeta
Cierras Charming Lucy
Velvet San Colonel, is a 2001, AQHA, bay mare, 15.1 hands.  Velvet has been trained in reining, and barrels.  Velvet has been used for high school and college rodeo for the last few years, and has many wins.  Velvet is good at the gate, trailers well, and eats well on the road.  Velvet is up to date on vaccinations. 
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VK Docs Intimidater, (TERMITE), is a 2007, 15.0 hand, mare. She has a great disposition, and has always been very willing to learn new things.  Termite has been used on the ranch to sort cattle. She has a nice stop and is starting to get a decent rein. She side passes and moves well off of leg pressure. She has drug ties and is ready to go to work.

VK Hanna is Cash
VK Hanna is Cash, Hanna is a 2007, AQHA, sorrel mare, with outstanding breeding.  With Bully Bullion si104, and Hot Dasher si103, also the great Dash For Cash si114.  Hanna has an outstanding dispostion and willing attitude.  She has been used on the ranch to gather cattle.  Hanna enjoys her rides out working cattle.  She is very laid back and is easy to work with.   Hanna side passes, good whoa, and is easy to ride.  She stands well for farrier, loads, ansd is easy to catch.  She is an in your pocket type of mare.  Started working the barrel pattern, loping nice circles and is very willing.  Also working the rope off her and is dragging tires.  Takes her leads well.  Great disposition.

Grey Dog, is a 16 yr. old, 17 hand throughbred gelding.  He is not papered.  Grey Dog has been used on the ranch for severyal years, gathering, doctoring, and draging calves to the branding fire.  Grey Dog is the go to horse when you have a beginner or novice rider that wants to ride.  He is truly a gentle giant!  he also gets along great with the young colts as well.  He is the low guy on the pecking order.  We purchased this horse a few years back for our grandkids to ride.  They have since gotten a smaller horse they can get on by themselves without help.  Grey Dog is a pleasure to be around.  He stands well for farrier, loads well, and very easy to catch.

VK Clabber Tadpole
Sarah Bay is a 1996, Grade, 16.2 hands, bay mare.  Sarah has been used as a trail horse.  She will travel where you point her.  Sarah has a nice ground covering walk and enjoys the trails.  She prefers to be with a group of riders but will ride out alone.  Sarah has been ridden by intermediate riders and has done well.  Sarah stands for the farrier, easy to catch, and loads well.

VK Joes Peppy, is a 2009, AQHA, cremellow gelding, 14.3 hands and still growing.  Peppy has a very gentle disposition.  These colts have been really cow-y and athletic.  He has full siblings that are running barrels and roping.  With his breeding he can go in any direction.  Peppy is easy to catch, trim and load. 

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Grey Dog
Toms Jet Deck
Ima Bay Gourmet
Velvet San Colonel
VK Lightning Law
VK Lightening Law, is a 2007, 14.2 hand buckskin gelding.  Stormy, as we call him is a sweetheart to work with.  He has an outstanding disposition and is very willing to learn new things.  With his breeding he would do well in  steer wrestling, cutting, and heeling.  Should make a fantastic arena or ranch horse.  Stormy is currently in training.
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Roosters Ribbon Win
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Sarah Bay